4 tips to choose a beautiful female silver necklace

Necklaces are always one of the indispensable accessories for women. It is jewelry to enhance the beauty of elegance, nobility but no less subtle and gentle. In this article, we will introduce to you 4 tips for choosing female silver necklaces to help you become perfect, affirm your fashion look.

Choose the right length

The length of the necklace will help you stand out, your face look radiant and flatter your body shape. You can rely on the table below to choose a necklace with the right length:

  • Length 35-40cm: This is a female silver necklace design close to the neck but does not cause discomfort when you rotate your neck or breathe.
  • Length 45cm: The length of this necklace will reach your collarbones. This is the standard length and is often chosen to show off the wearer’s face.
  • Length 50-55cm: Necklaces are usually located below the collarbone and above the chest. This is a common length with necklaces with jewelry designs.
  • Length 60cm: Necklace position usually lies in the middle of the chest.
  • Length 70cm or more: This length goes below the chest to the navel and the necklace will often have a sleek design or stringed beads.
Ambition key symbol silver necklace
Ambition key symbol silver necklace

Choose a necklace that matches your face

When choosing women’s silver necklaces or any jewelry, you also need to choose the right ones to hide the shortcomings, enhance the beauty of your face. With each face, there are different necklaces.

For women who have round, gourd or square faces, you should choose thin silver necklaces with a length about 50-70cm over the neckline. It will help make your face more serene and slimmer.

For long faces, you should choose a chocker like neck-hugging silver necklace to help your face look more balanced. As for girls with oval and neat faces, choosing a necklace is not too difficult because you are suitable for most different designs.

Choose a silver necklace that matches your neck shape

In addition, to choose the right necklace for the face, women should also pay attention to the neck shape to help balance the upper part.

For women with a long, thin neck, you should choose a female silver necklace with a short length, close to the neck and a large design. For those with a thin but short neck, pay attention to choose a necklace with a moderate length, thin thread.

As for girls with a short, large neck, ones with a slim design, moderate length silver necklace are the best choices to help viewers feel your upper part elegant, slim.

Choose a necklace that matches your neck shape to help balance the upper part
Choose a necklace that matches your neck shape to help balance the upper part

Choose a necklace that matches your outfit

Each different outfit requires you to mix the most sophisticated and harmonious accessories to create a highlight. For costumes with a deep V-neck, long length necklace or ones with large stone should not be worn. You should choose a length past 2 collarbones with a slim pendant to make the neck slimmer.

With closed, round collars, a large stone pendant will be the right choice.

Above are 4 notes to help women choose a beautiful, delicate silver necklace to make themselves more outstanding. And to choose to buy women’s necklaces, you can refer to our website.


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