Choose Beach Jewelry For The Active Girl

Summer is coming, have you prepared for yourself attractive jewelry? Blue sea, white sand, sunshine, smell of sea breeze, bikinis and indispensable accessories for her body. The trip will be more perfect when she can choose for herself a pretty leg bracelet, bracelet, necklace or ring, so that she can confidently show off her figure, show off her personality and style. Today’s article we all learn together the tips of choosing accessories offline!

Silver rings – attractive jewelry

A silver ring will make her stand out and attract all eyes while walking on a sunny beach. To choose a silver ring like and best suited to her, she should choose for herself a ring with a simple design, with less motifs to facilitate her fun activities. Simple wave rings, plain rings will be the perfect choice for you. How about an s92.5 silver ring?

silver ring
silver ring

Earrings – personality and fashion

A pair of earrings will be an interesting highlight for her face during the sea tourism season. If you are a girl who knows how to match outfits with jewelry, it is a perfect combination to help her shine. A pair of earrings will make her softer, more beautiful and more feminine, making her face glow. Going to the beach, perhaps wearing a maxi is an indispensable outfit for her suitcase, so how to combine earrings with maxi in harmony? You should choose for yourself the big, long and slightly youthful and colorful earrings that will shine for her to attract the eyes. As for the set of clothes such as T-shirt, two-wire shirt, and croptop, the simple and compact earrings will be suitable for her to express herself, trendy, luxurious and impressive.

Chains are impressive fashion design

Besides the rings or earrings, it is impossible not to mention the necklace for the lovely neck area. Necklaces will be the highlight of your neck when you combine with two-wire sets, bikini, open shoulders … When combined with maxi you can choose necklaces with a little size to contribute. accentuate your glamorous neck. With open-shoulder and two-wire suits you can combine with a stylish and charming choker.

Shake hands and feet – feminine accessories

With shaking hands and shaking feet, the advice for her is to choose for her hand and foot bracelets that have a simple design, not too picky, the silver material will very sparkle under the light of the lamp or sunlight. Sun. With gentle designs, it will help you coordinate with your colorful outfits in the most balanced and harmonious way. Shaking feet and shaking hands will be an accessory that has an easy choice for walking or going to the beach. However, you also need to consider more about the highlights on the handshake and foot shake so that you can attract the eyes of those around you.

Notes when choosing beach jewelry

In addition to the design, the color, you should also consider to choose your own material. Choose for yourself a jewelry made of silver or gold materials, which are materials that give you peace of mind about your health, do not worry about allergies and especially with those materials. She became completely confident in expressing her personal style.