Finger size measurement guide choose the right ring

How to measure ring size when shopping online

In recent years, Bao Tin Jewelry Factory has received a lot of attention and trust from customers. The trust and support of customers is a great encouragement for Bao Tin to steadily develop more. Every new silver jewelry samples are released, each time is supported by the customer, and constantly send feedback on products to the workshop. In particular, a lot of customers when buying silver rings have sent feedback and suggested for Bao Tin to make a guide clip for ring size to choose the right ring, we find this proposal extremely reasonable and has started to make a short clip. Hopefully this Clip will help customers more easily measure finger size to choose the ring that fits and suits you best.

Step 1: Cut a piece of paper that is 5mm wide, then wrap one ring close to the finger you want to wear the ring (please pay attention to wrap it tightly because when wearing the ring, the ring will tip deep into the skin of the hand).

Step 2: Use the pen to mark the contiguous ends of the paper

Step 3: Use a ruler to accurately measure the length of the paper just measured

Step 4: Reporting the exact size just measured to the consultant of Bao Tin Jewelry Factory will help you choose the most beautiful and satisfied item.