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How To Preserve Italian Silver – Jewelry Lovers Must Read!

Silver jewelry always attracts all eyes, especially women. It can be said that sparkling jewelry is not only an accessory but also a beauty on the outfit. That’s why keeping them white and shiny is very important. So join me in learning how to preserve silver jewelry, especially Italian silver effectively so that your items are always as beautiful as new!

1. Avoid chemical exposure

This is a small note to ladies when wearing silver jewelry. Because when silver contact with chemicals in cosmetics or even perfumes, sprays, … will also create stains on the surface.

So, please pay attention, when you are done with make-up and hair-styling, then put on your jewelry. Doing so will minimize jewelry exposure to chemicals and keep the whiteness longer.

Italian silver jewelry in direct contact with chemicals should be minimized

2. Jewelry should be stored in the box immediately after use

Many girls do not notice that when using soap or salt-containing solutions, the chemicals they contain; especially chlorine (abundant in bleach); will corrode the grinding lines and reduce the luster of the jewelry.

You should also not let jewelry come into contact with detergents, acetone solution (nail polish remover) because they will cause damage that is difficult to handle and your jewelry may not be as bright as it should be.

Another small note is that you should not wear jewelry 24/24; but before going to bed remove them; just gives us a good night’s sleep, not being entangled; but also preserve silver jewelry to avoid strong impact or accidentally crush, even break it.

You should also remove them when doing household chores, participate in outdoor activities such as sports, planting trees, gardening, hard activity to avoid scratching them.

Storing your Italian silver jewelry immediately after wearing

3. Store jewelry in separate compartment

After wearing silver jewelry, many people just put it on the makeup table without storing it in the box. This will expose your jewelry to air, dust, and sunlight and your jewelry will tarnish in a very short time.

To prevent this from happening, you should buy a jewelry box. And its size depends on the amount of jewelry you have. When you remove your jewelry, you put them in there to store them.

Each type of jewelry will be placed in each separate compartment so that they do not rub together, causing unnecessary scratches. This is the most basic way of preserving silver jewelry you must know.

Another note is when you search for jewelry boxes, you should find boxes made of non-silver reactive substances and ensure that they are airtight, you can put liners or polyethylene plastic bags for better preservation.

You can also purchase a separate small box for each type of jewelry, for example, a box for rings, a box for earrings, and a box for necklaces. So you can easily find yourself the jewelry you need but also carefully preserve them. What a duel, right?

Storing seperately your Italian silver jewelry is the most basic way of preserving silver jewelry

4. Clean the jewelry regularly

During the wearing process, dirt from the environment, the chemicals that the jewelry contact with such as makeup, perfume, soap, … will tarnish the silver color from the original jewelry. Just remember this carefully because this is a way to protect silver jewelry you must know.

So in addition to the careful preservation of jewelry, you should also clean them regularly to keep them white bright like new.

Cleaning regularly also helps maintain the white bright of your Italian silver jewelry

a) Use specialized solutions

You can go to jewelers to buy cleaning chemicals specifically for silver jewelry. You soak them in solution and rinse them thoroughly with clean water. Clean them regularly, about every 2-3 weeks.

b) Use soda water

For silver jewelry that is dulled by sweat absorption, you can soak them in a soda solution to remove the dull surface.

After soaking for about a minute, you take out, rinse with clean water, and dry. Make sure they get their original white look!

c) Use toothpaste

Another simple way to remove dullness from the surface is to apply toothpaste to your jewelry. Then brush gently until the dull layer is gone.

The above are 4 ways to preserve your Italian silver jewelry to keep the white glitter beauty. A beautiful outfit cannot lack of outstanding sparkling jewelry. So keep them carefully so that you will always be confident when wearing them!

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