Nike Zoom Train Action shoe review – why should you?

Suitable for intense training as well as flexible support for each movement in the gym. That’s all you’ll find on the Nike Zoom Train Action shoes – Nike shoes that any real gymer should not miss. Why? Let’s see.

nike zoom train 4
nike zoom train 4

The first requirement of a pair of gym shoes is stability and certainty. With movements that require multidimensional movements or heavy exercises, especially when exercising with high intensity, the legs will bear a lot of force. Therefore, the design of gym shoes always has to meet the best foot protection, especially the ankle part, as well as good stability and friction so that the body does not lose gravity slipping during exercise.

The Nike Zoom Train Action shoe almost perfectly fulfills this demanding requirement. The midsole part with a foam cushion is designed to cover the entire sole, making the weight of the shoe significantly reduced compared to other gym shoes, while also increasing the feeling of smoothness and comfort whenever you wear. This Nike shoe on the foot. Not only does it have a cushion of soft foam like the name Nike Zoom, you can immediately notice a Zoom Air cushion is placed on the heel. Not many gym shoes are designed like that. The integration of Zoom Air padding allows the heel to be better protected. Not only that, combining this legendary cushioning with foam cushioning also increases the shoe’s responsiveness. Nike’s designers are quite subtle in this detail.

Another highly-acclaimed plus point in the Nike Zoom Train Action shoe’s design is the hexagonal-shaped rubber outsole that provides optimal grip on a wide variety of surfaces and is suitable for movements. multidimensional. So it will almost optimally support you in every gym movement even the most difficult.

The Nike Zoom Train Action shoe features an Allover Breathe-Tech upper with woven woven layers to give this Nike shoe a great airy feel. Another surprising point is that the shoe is also water resistant with this magical material.

If you’ve ever found yourself uncomfortable with shoelace lacing in other shoes, this problem is almost completely resolved with the Flyware system at Nike Zoom Train Action. The Flyware system provides an excellent level of leg lock but does not result in a limited leg movement. The smooth stretch from this system keeps your feet in the most comfortable position while still having optimal leg grip.