Opal stone

Opal – The October birthstone represents wisdom & hope

Each person’s birth month will correspond to a gemstone and have a different meaning that people often call “Birthstone”. According to the concept of the ancient Western people, wearing a jewelry attached to your birth date is not only to beautify but also affects your mental state and health.

In the Birthstone chart, Opal (also known as the cat’s eye stone) is the October birthstone, representing lucid intelligence, full of love and intense hope. Opal gemstone jewelry has long been a lucky “talisman” for those born in October. 

What is Opal stone?

Modern geological science has recorded that the first Opal stones were formed more than 100 million years ago in Australia, when the desert part of central Australia was still a large sea. After time, the sea water receded and exposed a vast basin, the harsh erosion of weather and volcanic activity contributed to the accumulation of many compounds of silicon dioxide and in rocky soil there, creating a natural beauty called Opal like now.

The name Opal is said to be a phrase from the Roman language – Opalus (meaning color). This stone was considered as an invaluable treasure in the Middle Ages and was revered by the Greeks. They believe that Opal will help the wearer get extraordinary eyesight, even when walking in the darkest darkness.

How many colors that Opal have?

October Opal stone surface is a random mix of different colors. Including the red color of rubies, the blue color of Sapphire, the yellow color of Quartz … Therefore, the ancient Romans believed that opal was the king of stones.

Opal stone is considered King of stones

Nowadays, experts in the gemstone field, when studying Opan, are also fond of using the term kaleidoscope when describing the distinctive color and beauty of this natural stone.

According to mineralogists as well as mineralogical documents, natural opal is divided into over 1000 types. This is explained by the color diversity of this stone. Due to their hydrated crystalline amorphous structure, opal stones have an extremely diverse range of dominant color spectrum stretching from colorless, white, yellow, red, orange, green to brown, black, and pink…

However, in the gemstone market, the popular opals are only mentioned such as Black Opal, Water Opal, Original Base Oplan, Fire Opal, White Opal, Matrix Opal …

Unlike many other feng shui gems, usually brightly colored stones usually have high value. October stone birth Opal is the opposite, the black opal is the most valued feng-shui stone.

What is benefits of Opal?

Love symbol

On the other hand, in Indian culture, Opal is known as a stone of love. It is believed that the feng shui items crafted from this stone have the meaning of symbolizing enduring love, trust, and compassion.

Symbol of hope

Opal October has a high energy fluctuation which helps the wearer become sensitive and discerning. Opal stone jewelry has the ability to repel negative energy, protect health and repel bad luck.

Intellectual symbol

In addition, with various sparkling colors on the surface of the stone, this stone is also known to be a symbol of wisdom as these shimmering lights guide their owners to stay awake mind.

Opal has the ability to capture thoughts and emotions and amplify it. Therefore, when wearing an Opal jewelry, you should have positive thoughts and feelings, avoid negative things.

In terms of psychotherapy, Eastern medicine uses Opal as a method of enlightening to open the third eye, helping people to see, think clearly, increase concentration and arouse innate aesthetic talent.

As a gem for October, Opal plays a very good role as a guardian for the two constellations Libra and Scorpio. Although Libra is inclined towards balance, always perfectionist, and gentle in work, life and relationships, Scorpio is prone to impulsive, overwhelming, straightforward emotions. So these two constellations have in common that they hate fake lies – which Opal can help them recognize by enhancing their sharp intuition.

Not only beautiful and colorful but also have many uses, it is not difficult to understand when Opal jewelry is favorite by many people. Come to the nearesr reputable jewelry store to own for yourself the most beautiful and exotic Opal jewelry models.

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