Baby Footprint Dog Tag Necklace For Men



Sterling Baby Footprint Dog Tag Necklace For Men

All parents love sharing the moments of their kids. If you want to surprise your husband with a cute gift, this baby footprint necklace will let your husband show off his daddy pride and carry your child with him always. The necklace could be personalized with name or birthday as well and will be finished with a masculine touch.

Personalization Instructions:

– The footprint photo you uploaded may be adjusted, scaled or shifted minimally to best fit the piece. If having any trouble uploading photo, please email us at: [email protected]

– Please note the word or the date you want to engrave on the top or the bottom of the fingerprint – it’s free of charge. Note that it’s only 1 word or date. Leave text box blank if you do not want any word.

>> Necklace length guide

>> How to take fingerprint


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