Custom Coordinates Bracelet – Close Band



Carry your special place on your sleeve with this stunning latitude and longitude bracelet cuff. Available in sterling silver with 18K gold plate options, this GPS coordinates bracelet is a beautiful gift for graduation or anniversary.

Personalization Instructions:
– We strongly recommend providing us the address instead of the coordinates as getting the correct coordinates could be complicated. The address will be converted to GPS coordinates format as displayed.

>> How to find GPS coordinates of a place for your jewelry/gifts

– Option to add a short message (9-10 words) engraved on the back.

– As this bracelet is worn by putting it through your hand, instead of measuring your wrist size, please measure the thickest part of your hand when you put your thumb and your pinky close together. Sizing for this particular bracelet is as follows:

XS: bracelet’s circumference 7″

S: bracelet’s circumference is 7.5″

M: bracelet’s circumference is 8″

L: bracelet’s circumference is 8.5″

XL: bracelet’s circumference is 9″


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