Disc Handwriting Necklace – Medium



Disc Handwriting Necklace – Medium Size

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This memorial necklace is a great ideas to remember your lost loved one by holding their handwritten message close to your heart. Do not worry if the message is long, you could require to engrave on both sides of the penny-size disc pendant with the maxium 5-6 words for each side. It’s also available in a smaller 5/8″ size.

Personalization Instructions:

– Send us an image of anything you have, even an old card or letter, we could be able to deal with it.

– The disc pendant is engravable on either side, or both. Word limits: 5-6 words/side to keep it the most beauty.

– If you want to extract just a few words from a long message, make a note to us under “Instructions”.

– Handwriting in any other languages (Arabic, Chinese etc.) can also be done nicely with our craftsmen.

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