Fingerprint Necklace with Handwriting – Leather Cord



This fingerprint necklace is a wonderful way to keep both handwriting and fingerprint of a loved one on a single necklace. The thumbprint necklace can be personalized with just a picture of the fingerprint on paper- so there’s no kit required. The leather cord is a cool chain for both sexes, therefore this necklace with fingerprint and handwriting is a great memorial gift for everyone in the family.

Personalization Instructions:

– Fingerprint ink prints are usually taken when someone is in military or civil service, hospital, hospice care or while at a funeral home. You could look into one’s paperwork or contact these places to ask for the fingerprint image.

– The fingerprint picture you upload may be scaled and shifted minimally to best fit the piece. If you have trouble uploading your picture, please email it to [email protected]

>> How to take fingerprint


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