Matching Mother Daughter Necklaces – Forever My Friend



Personalized with a name heart charm, this sterling silver mom daughter necklace set carries a touching message for mother and daughter. The message on the necklace for mom is “Always my mother, forever my friend” and the one on daughter’s is “Always my daughter, forever my friend”. Beautiful messages on beautiful necklaces, these mother and daughter matching necklaces are great gift for Mother’s Day and Christmas alike.

Personalization Instructions:

– Character limits: 8 characters for the name charm. Please enter the name exactly how you want it, bearing in mind case of each letter.

– By default, they come in the same finishing color. If you would like them to be of different colors, please make a note in “Instructions and Request” with the color of each necklace going by the initial.

– Necklace 1 is mom’s necklace and necklace 2 is daughter’s necklace. Name 1 is mom’s name and name 2 is daughter’s name.

>> Necklace length guide


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