Mother Daughter Matching Necklaces – “Carry Your Heart”



“I carry your heart with me”. These mom daughter necklaces is a new take on the classic mother daughter heart necklace set. Each necklace is further personalized with a heart name charm, indicating mom’s necklace and daughter’s. The 2 mom charms are beautifully layered for an elegant, seamless design.

Personalization Instructions:

– Character limits: 8 characters for the name charm. Please enter the name exactly how you want it, bearing in mind case of each letter.

– By default, they come in the same finishing color. If you would like them to be of different colors, please make a note in “Instructions and Request” with the color of each necklace going by the initial.

– Necklace 1 is mom’s necklace and necklace 2 is daughter’s necklace. Name 1 is mom’s name and name 2 is daughter’s name.

>> Necklace length guide


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