Necklace Extender



*This is sold as an add-on to your purchase, and not to be purchased separately. Please email us if you want to purchase this separately.

A handy 3-inch extender that makes your necklace length adjustable. This is particularly useful when you are purchase a necklace as gift and are not sure about the recipient’s necklace length or when you just want to have different falls for one necklace to suit different outfit.

>> Necklace length guide 

In the “Instructions and Requests” box, do put in which necklaces should the attached extender is for. The removable extender will come as-is for you to put on whichever necklace you want.

*Extender types:

– Attached extender: extender is attached to your necklace. Only for order that has not been shipped.
– Removable extender: extender has an extra clasp making it removable from your necklace.


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