Personal Handwriting Necklace – Dainty



This dainty silver handwriting necklace is a subtle, feminine way to wear someone’s love proudly. Simply write a word meaningful to you or find a letter from your dad or mom and tell us which word to extract. You will have a beautifully sentimental gift for yourself or just about anyone for Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries.

Personalization Instructions:

– We will be able to work with an image of anything you have, even an old card or letter. If you have trouble uploading your picture, please email it to [email protected]

– Words will run in 1 lines. Word limits: 3 words.

– If you want to extract just a few words from a long message, make a note to us under “Instructions and requests”.

– Handwriting in any other languages (Arabic, Chinese etc.) can also be done.

>> Necklace length guide


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