Top 10 Luxury Jewelry Brand Names In The World

Top 10 Luxury Jewelry Brand Names In The World

The famous jewelry brand names is not a status symbol for the wearer but it tells a story behind. They remind you of a treasured possessions, a special person or period of time.

In this article, we will recommend you top 10 luxury jewelry brand names in the world from finest and largest diamond to excellent pearl. For each brand names, you could find from rings, bracelets, necklaces to watches.

1. Harry Winston

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Harry Winston Hope Collection

With each collection, Harry Winston always hires Hollywood actresses to mark their presence at the Oscar Red Carpet. For people who love finest diamonds and high end ornaments, Harry Winston is a must-have brand name for their jewelry collection as only the finest quality and rarest stones are used for Winston jewelry.

2. Cartier

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Cartier High Jewelry Watch HPI00396 White Gold Watch

Founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, with the great contributions from his two sons, Pierre and Jacques. Cartier is known by many for products such as Cartier rings, Cartier rings, Cartier watches, Cartier glasses and affiliation with royalty and celebrities. The expensiveness of Cartier jewelry is reflected in sophisticated designs, sophisticated patterns and processed on precious materials.

Cartier jewelry products are crafted by the most experienced and skilled artisans. Therefore, most Cartier bracelets, rings or watches of Cartier are always sought by the elite and rich in society. The elegance, nobility and symbolism of Cartier jewelry help honor the luxury and splendor of its owner. It can be said that each of Cartier jewelry products is perfect and unique.

3. Van Cleef Arpels

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Van Cleef Arpels 18k Gold & Diamond “Snowflake” Necklace

The Van Cleef & Arpels brand was founded by Salomon Arpels and his brother-in-law, Alfred Van Cleef. For the purposes of jewelry, perfumes and watches, the two opened their first store in Paris in 1906 and were impressed by their innovative designs that incorporate the finest gem patterns. Immediately, this brand was chosen by the aristocracy, famous families and movie stars. Van Cleef & Arpels’ standout products are the diamond tiara of Princess Grace Kelly on the wedding day of her son or the crown of Iranian queen Farah Pahlavi during her 1967 coronation.

4. Buccellati

Top 10 Luxury Jewelry Brand Names In The World
18 Karat Two-Color Gold, Green Quartz and Diamond Earclips, Buccellati

Buccellati is well known for its quality gold. Its artisans follow Roman jewelry design style, metal details are often polished and combined with silver and gold to increase the brightness.
Roman collars and bracelets are just some of their bestsellers. Buccellati also prides itself on offering a number of designs that give their jewelry an appealing look, such as brushed and polished metal and heavily encrusted with high-quality diamonds and gems.

5. Tiffany & Co.

On September 18, 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young opened a luxury store in central New York, named Tiffany & Young. This date is later considered to be the date of birth of the company.

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Tiffany & Co.- The Tiffany Aurora necklace

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The entire product design, the materials that make the product and a specific color for the brand. They chose a uniform bird egg blue on every icon, paper card, gift box, bag and banner at the store. That blue was later known as “Tiffany blue”.

6. Graff

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Graff – The Star of Bombay

Over five decades of longevity and development, Graff Diamonds is proud to have established a leading position in the quality of delicate and flawless diamond jewelry. Graff Diamonds’ creative artworks are the dreams of thousands of jewelers around the world.

7. Piaget

Piaget is Switzerland’s most luxurious watch and jewelry brand, founded by Georges Piaget in 1874. The Piaget brand is owned by the Swiss Richemont group specializing in the luxury goods industry.

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Piaget 18ct pink gold, tourmaline, diamond and wood marquetry Green Aurora earrings

Most Piaget jewelry products have been known worldwide by famous celebrities such as Jessica Chastain, Andy Warhol, Jackie Kennedy, Gina Lollobrigida ….

8. Bvlgari

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Bvlgari Serpenti Jewelry Watch

Bvlgari or Bulgari was founded by jeweler Sotirios Bulgari in Italy in 1884. This brand specializes in high-end jewelry and watches. Bvlgari’s style is a fusion of classicalism and modernity in the constant search for unique designs, material innovation and experimentation with different color combinations.

9. Mikimoto

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Mikimoto – Pearl Body Jewel

When thinking about pearl jewelry, one can’t help but mention the 128-year-old Mikimoto brand. This Japanese brand was founded by Mr. Kokichi Mikimoto, who was also the first in the world to invent a method of culturing artificial pearls.

10. Chopard

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Chopard, Queen of Kalhahari, Collection exceptionnelle de diamants, collier

With more than 45 years in jewelry making, Chopard is always on the list of famous jewelry brands. Chopard jewelry brand comes from Switzerland, and is known for its fine jewelry, especially watches. Chopard often uses natural gemstones and 18 carat gold to make products. Each jewel made by Chopard is very delicate, meticulously cut, honed to every small corner.

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