Ways to preserve jewelry – Read this if you are owning one!

Although jewelry is a small item in appearance compared to clothes, bags, and shoes, they are the most delicate and beneficial accessories in expressing the personality, mood as well as living conditions of the owner. Like humans with age and beauty, jewelry also has golden age and “appearance”; Being cared of and protected will help make jewelry become more beautiful and sparkling every day. Understanding that, we would like to share with you the experience of preserving jewelry that has been gathered for a long time.

Each type of jewelry will have their own use and preservation. For example, pearl jewelry will be different from diamond jewelry. We would like to classify a number of popular jewelry as follows:

Pearls attached jewelry

Pearls are jewelry that is more difficult to preserve. Because the clams themselves are taken from living organisms, when using them, you should avoid exposing them to cosmetics such as skin lotions, perfumes, hairspray, … and detergents or chemicals. Because if exposed to these substances, the pearl will gradually erode the outer nacre layer, unable to retain the shiny and natural color of the pearl. Preserving pearls by soaking them in warm water (or milk) and then gently wiping them with a soft cotton cloth, the pearls will shine naturally. In addition, because of the analyzed properties above, pearls are also jewelry that should not be worn regularly, only be worn when attending parties, conferences, and wearing pearl jewelry after wearing makeup, perfume spray.

Pearl attached jewelry

Gemstone attached jewelry

When using Gemstone attached jewelry, you should not let them touch other hard objects to avoid scratching and make the stone less beautiful and less valuable. Gem and semi-precious stones should be cleaned with a soft brush and warm soapy water. But be careful if your jewelry is attached with Emerald and Opal. Because these stones’s special property is soft and needs to be removed from the seed pocket during the cleaning process. So when you need to refresh your jewelry, you should visit a reputable jewelry store to make sure it’s not damaged during the cleaning process.

Gemstone attached jewelry

Diamond Jewelry

Diamond cannot be scratched easily by normal impacts because it has a very high hardness but needs to be kept clean to obtain permanent luminosity. You can clean the diamond by soaking it in warm soapy water for about 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

Gold jewelry

You should not let your gold jewelry be exposed to mercury, hair curlers, hair dyes and some cosmetics as these substances will make gold discoloration. To always brighten gold, each week you should use a soft toothbrush dipped in soap or toothpaste to wash inside and outside of jewelry to remove dirt and sweat. When your jewelry gets wet, you should not let it dry by itself, use cotton or soft paper instead to dry it.

Gold jewelry

In fact, jewelry after a long period of use will inevitably discolor. It is important that you use it in accordance with the instructions above, your jewelry will take a long time to dull and vice versa, in fact, once your jewelry has been tarnished, the best treatment is to bring Jewelry shop to be cleaned and plated. However, you can clean it yourself at home with a certain effect. We would like to suggest a simple way to try it at home: (Note this method only applies to normal jewelry without pearls or special stones)

Step 1: Clean the dirt, clean the surface

You can wash it with plain water and gently brush with your toothbrush, which can make it easier to remove the stain. Then, soak the jewelry in warm diluted water/dishwashing liquid/shampoo/soap for About 10 – 15 minutes then use a soft brush to continue brushing. If you use toothpaste, you just need to apply toothpaste directly to your jewelry. Gently massage the toothpaste to permeate the jewelry surface and then brush off with a soft-bristled brush.

Step 2: Dry the jewelry

 You should use a soft cotton towel to dry your jewelry. Absolutely you do not leave water left on the surface because moisture will make gold tarnish quickly, affecting the quality of the jewelry.

Step 3: Store jewelry in a cool and dry environment such as a velvet box, silk bag under room temperature.

We hopes to bring you the most useful experience to preserve jewelry after this article!

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